Sailing Lessons

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American Sailing Association Lessons for Beginners, Intermediate Near Coastal and Navigation.  All taught by a certified sailing instructor.

Jolly Rogers Marina offers American Sailing Association(ASA) sailing courses to give you the knowledge and experience to be confident and safe in your sailing.

Who should take sailing lessons:

1. Never sailed? – Yes

2. Sailed several times as a guest on a Sailboat? – Yes

3. Thinking about buying a Sailboat? – Yes

ASA was founded in 1983 and Jolly Rogers Marina adapted their program in 2001.

You will learn Sailing Safety Standards and become confident in Sailing 101 on Sailboats up to 27ft. You will be able to enter and exit on slip and Navigate basic sailing conditions and avoid hazard situations. You will have fun on this 2 day course!      Please call for more information at 501-868-5558.

Also, Click on American Sailing Association for Free courses and to learn more.