Boat Rental

SUMMER SPECIAL  (Monday through Friday)

Does not include holidays.

30HP        166A650825HP


Boat Rental Rates:                             week end Rates

Fishing Boat: 2-3 people –            $100 for 4-6 hours     SPECIAL   WEEK DAYS      $60.00

Large Fishing Boat: 2-4 people – $150 for 4-6 hours   SPECIAL   WEEK DAYS     $100.00

4  Man Fishing boat(new)              $150 for 4-6 hours   SPECIAL  WEEK DAYS     $100.00

Party Barge: 2-10 people –           $300 for 4-6 hours    SPECIAL  WEEK DAYS      $200.00

(Gas included on all rentals)

166A6514  Smaller Party Barge with a 60HP






Newer Party Barge with a 90HP




Boat Rental is divided into AM and PM on weekends