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Caught 3/3/16                                                                                                  80 pound Blue Caught on Monday 02/29/16

Lake Maumelle Fishing Report, 7/29/2016 UPDATE

Black Bass Excellent: Black bass are biting on wacky rig worms, spinner baits, buzz baits and jerk baits. They can be caught in 12 to 18 feet of water.   Blacks are about 15 feet off the weeds and on the points. The Tuesday night Black Bass tournament results:

1st Place                              Brad LeQuieu/ Anthony Wright                       11.06 pounds,   $340.00

2nd place                           Joey Hutshison/ Randal Clark                           10.22 pounds,    $205.00

3rd place                           Cody Bryant/ Jeff Barrett                                    8.26 pounds,    $135.00

4th place                             John Hill/ Max Oliver     l                                     8.14 pounds

Big Bass                               Cody Bryant/ Jeff Barrett                            3.62 pounds      $85.00

Kentucky Bass: Excellent: Kentucky bass are being caught on crank baits and jigs. They can be found in 10 to 14 ft. of water.

White Bass:      Good: The white bass are schooling all over the lake.  They are being caught on

diving Bandits, Grubs, Rogues, CC spoons and Bombers (Also don’t forget roster tails.) about 15 feet deep.

Crappie:         Good: The crappie can be found in 8 to 16 feet of water, the span is just about over. They are being caught on crappie minnows and jigs.

Bream:           EXCELLENT: Bream can be found in 14 to 25 feet of water around brush. They are being caught on crickets, and live worms.

Catfish          Excellent: The catfish are being caught in 15 to 20 feet of water and are being caught on stink bait, small brim, and chicken livers.  There was one catfish that weighed in at 80 pounds , a lot of 20 to 30 pound flat heads are being caught on trot lnes.