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The water temperature from the marina is 74 at dusk and about 76 on the north side by the evening time.

Black Bass: Excellent: With water temps in the 70s the black bass are moving out of spawn areas but they‘re mostly done. Some are in the grass or just outside of it. Try using trick worms, crank baits, jerk baits and jigs in 4-8 and 10-15 feet of water. A few can also be caught in shallow water on spinner baits or chatter baits. This week, the blacks were biting more during dusk and dawn.


1 ST Cameron Nesterenko/Andrew Worley12.70 lbs Big Bass 3.76

2 nd Joey Hutchison/ Randal Clark 11.26 lbs

3 rd Kerdon Martin/ Gravey Hearnberger 9.52 lbs Big Bass 3.76

4th Jacob and Misty Schmitt 9.08 Lbs

16 of 29 boats weighed over 6 pounds GREAT Tournament

Kentucky Bass: Good: Kentucky bass are in the grass and also about 8-12ft deep. Rocky banks or points are best with a crank bait or jig.

White Bass: Good: Less reports of the white bass this past week. Some are saying the white bass are moving in. Use Rooster tails, CC Spoons, deep diving Bandits, and Bombers.

Crappie: Good: More reports of crappie being found near brush piles and structures anywhere from 6-8 ft deep. Some are saying they’re striking with the bait rather than hitting. Try using shallow rigs and minnows early in the morning or later in the evening.

Bream: Good: Bream are coming into shallow water off the rocky points and around brush piles. Try using crickets, worms or jigs anywhere from 3-12 ft depth.

Catfish: Very good: More reports this week of the channels starting to move out and the blues coming in. Try stink bait and bream around 8-10ft and 20 ft deep. Had a 44 pound Catfish caught last week.