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Jolly Rogers Marina

#1 Maumelle Harbor Ln

Roland, AR. 72135


Lake Maumelle Fishing report 10/11/17

Black Bass: Good: There have been more reports coming in this week of limits being caught. Black bass are biting on crank baits, drop shot, jigs, buzz baits, wacky rig worms, and spinner baits. Blacks are in the weeds and off the edge line. They’re shallow during dusk and dawn. Drop 12- 18 ft in deep water and drop just below fast moving schools of shad.


Otter Creek Assembly:

1st Place: 7.63 lbs

2nd Place: 6.28

Big Bass: 4.30

H20 Boat Owners:

1st Place: 11.25 lbs

2nd Place: 9.55

H20 High school Bassers:

1st Place: 7.6 lbs

2nd Place: 8.7

Friday Night Fish Off Tournament:

1st Place: Brad Leqeuie/ Tommy 10.86 lbs

2nd Place: Bobby/Jim 10.74

3rd Place: Keeton Blaylock/Anthony 9.30

Big Bass: 4.30

Kentucky Bass: Slow: Kentucky bass are being caught on hair and finesse worm jigs, spoons, and minnows. They can found in the deep water mixed in with the black bass.

White Bass: Slow: They are coming up for a shorter period of time and moving quickly with the schools. Use Roster tails, C C Spoons, deep diving Bandits and Bombers.

Crappie: Good : They are being caught on crappie minnows and jigs (Tennessee shad). Lots of 11 to 15 inch crappie are being caught 7-12ft and 18-24ft deep. Fish off channel or under water bridges.

Bream: Slow : Bream can be found near the brush piles but moving quickly. They are being caught on crickets, and live worms.

Catfish: Good: The catfish are being caught in 15 to 25 feet of water but are moving into shallower water, use stink bait, small brim, worms, and chicken livers. Reports of cats near rocks on shoreline by the weeds.