2017 Black Bass Tournaments

2017 Black Bass Tournament

TUESDAY nights

First Tuesday  of April 4th to July 25th, 2017


Directors: Roger Nesuda, Phillip Cole, Caroline Horrell


Scoring: For the Angler of the Year ($500.00 cash), you get (1) point for fishing the tournament (The stick with registration number must be turned in), and (1) point per pound of fish. In season tournaments: Five (5) fish limit with Black Bass and Kentucky Bass being 12 inches. TO QUALIFY for the FISH OFF (September Full Moon, Saturday September ?? from 3:00pm to 12:00am) you must have points to place you in the top 20 teams and have fished at least 10 tournaments. You must be pre-paid with a fee of $100.00 with a total of (5) fish, allowing two (1) dead with penalty.




















RESULTS of this years 2017 Black Bass Tournament:

Angler of the Year: Matt Hedrick / Brandon Crain   142.92 points

Fish Off Big Bass: Matt Hedrick / Brandon Crain   4.62 lbs

2nd Big Bass: Sam Vogel / Tripp Vogel   3.74 lbs

1st Place: Matt Hedrick / Brandon Crain   13.06 lbs

2nd Place: Rick Easter / Bill Dennis   12.08 lbs

3rd Place: Kyle Wise / Keeton Blaylock   11.86 lbs

4th Place: Brad LeQuieu / Anthony Wright   10.94 lbs

5th Place: Sam Vogel / Tripp Vogel

6th Place: Quin Minton / Garry Bryant   10.00 lbs

7th Place: Cameron Nesterenko / Cole Swede   9.20 lbs

8th Place: Sam Lowrey / Fred Lowrey   9.18 lbs

9th Place: Todd Brown / Matt Green   8.84 lbs

10th Place: Jimmy Briggs / Melvin Veasey   8.54 lbs

11th Place: Cody Bryant / Jeff Barrett   7.72 lbs

12th Place: Phillip Cole / Larry Ritchie   7.40 lbs

13th Place: Josh Baker / Josh Jeffery   7.40 lbs

14th Place: Gary Harris / Rudy Westbrook   6.94 lbs

15th Place: Noah White / Robert White   3.14 lbs