2017 Black Bass Tournaments

2018 Black Bass Tournament coming soon!


Participation for 2018 Black Bass Tournament: Membership Dues $20.00 per person. You must fill out registration form. These forms and this years tournament rules can be found at Jolly Rogers Marina Store and also at our local Southern Reel Outfitters, located at 14908 Cantrell Rd. Little Rock, AR.(Ask for Mark Hedrick.) Boats and motors: all boats must meet US Coastal Guard and State Regulations. Kill switches, Life Jackets and Bow and Stern lights must be used when main engine is being used. Tackle and Equipment: All fish must be caught in a legal sporting manner. No trolling or fishing with live bait. Team Number sticks have to be in the hands of the weight master by 10:00p.m. on Tuesday (If not, fish are not weighed.) Weighing starts when two teams are in line. Everyone has to be in line to weigh by 15 minutes after tournament end (if not, fish will not be weighted), three(3) minutes after last team weighs the tournament is over. Fees: Tuesday $60.00. Pay out: less than 20 boats- 3 Places; 20 to 30- 4 Places and over 30 boats- 5 Places. For more Information..Please call (501) 868-5558 or visit Jolly Rogers Marina (or) Southern Reel.

—–RESULTS from 2017 Black Bass Tournament—–

TUESDAY nights

First Tuesday of April 4th to July 25th, 2017


Directors: Roger Nesuda, Phillip Cole, Caroline Horrell


Scoring: For the Angler of the Year ($500.00 cash), you get (1) point for fishing the tournament (The stick with registration number must be turned in), and (1) point per pound of fish. In season tournaments: Five (5) fish limit with Black Bass and Kentucky Bass being 12 inches. TO QUALIFY for the FISH OFF (September Full Moon, Saturday September ?? from 3:00pm to 12:00am) you must have points to place you in the top 20 teams and have fished at least 10 tournaments. You must be pre-paid with a fee of $100.00 with a total of (5) fish, allowing two (2) dead with penalty.

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RESULTS of this years 2017 Black Bass Tournament:

Angler of the Year: Matt Hedrick / Brandon Crain   142.92 points

Fish Off Big Bass: Matt Hedrick / Brandon Crain   4.62 lbs

2nd Big Bass: Sam Vogel / Tripp Vogel   3.74 lbs

1st Place: Matt Hedrick / Brandon Crain   13.06 lbs

2nd Place: Rick Easter / Bill Dennis   12.08 lbs

3rd Place: Kyle Wise / Keeton Blaylock   11.86 lbs

4th Place: Brad LeQuieu / Anthony Wright   10.94 lbs

5th Place: Sam Vogel / Tripp Vogel

6th Place: Quin Minton / Garry Bryant   10.00 lbs

7th Place: Cameron Nesterenko / Cole Swede   9.20 lbs

8th Place: Sam Lowrey / Fred Lowrey   9.18 lbs

9th Place: Todd Brown / Matt Green   8.84 lbs

10th Place: Jimmy Briggs / Melvin Veasey   8.54 lbs

11th Place: Cody Bryant / Jeff Barrett   7.72 lbs

12th Place: Phillip Cole / Larry Ritchie   7.40 lbs

13th Place: Josh Baker / Josh Jeffery   7.40 lbs

14th Place: Gary Harris / Rudy Westbrook   6.94 lbs

15th Place: Noah White / Robert White   3.14 lbs